Sunday, February 22, 2009

Starbucks on a slow Saturday night. Go to the Starbucks located in the Union to find out when the one dollar coffee's will be hitting their store.

Starbucks Announces Their One Dollar Coffee

By next fall OU students may be brewing their own cup of Starbucks coffee for less than a dollar.

Despite stores closing and a recession, Starbucks announced that they would soon start offering instant, customer-made, dollar cups of coffee to keep people who are strapped for cash in their stores.

"Starbucks is going to lose business, at least on campus, because college students are going to buy the one dollar cups of coffee more than their four dollar cups of coffee. This will end up backfiring on them," said OU student Adrian Reents.

OU students can expect to see these instant cups of coffee nationwide starting in the fall, but on March 3 they will hit Seattle and Illinois.

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