Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sign at the top of the stairs on Buchanan Hall. Go to the Financial Aid office for more information.
OU Students Look Forward To Pell Grant Increase

Students who have applied or will apply for FAFSA should expect and extra $281 added to their Pell Grant this year due to President Obama's bill increase.

The Pell Grant is a federal program designed to help post-secondary students in need of financial assistance according to the website. The amount rewarded is mostly based on the students need and how much it cost to attend their chosen university.

"Two-hundred plus dollars is $200 less in debt, and I pay for my own school with student loans, so it would really help me," OU Student Victoria Stahl said.

To find out more information on when the increase will hit student bursar accounts, please go to the Financial Aid office located on the second floor of Buchanan Hall, room 216.

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