Friday, February 27, 2009

Entrance to Price Hall located off of the South Oval. Students can check this wall for more information on internships and job opportunities.

OU MBA's Out Of Luck For Jobs This Year

OU MBA students may not be able to find jobs at coveted companies due to several job cuts in the field.

Big banks such as Citigroup Inc, Bank of America Corp, and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, have cut so many jobs, that MBA students might have to brawl over the few positions available, according to

"I agree, it's harder to find jobs, but certain fields, such as logistics and IT, are not downsizing," Marketing and Supply Chain Management Professor Anthony Roath said. "I would tell students to think about broadening their skill sets to help them find jobs."

OU MBA students can talk to professors and the Price College for help finding jobs post-graduation.

For more on Professor Roath's interview, please click play below.

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